QSFP+ 40G BASE-SR4 / MMF / 850NM / 150M - MPO

Marca: Fibercore
Código: 2986

• QSFP+ MSA, SFF-8436 compatible
• MPO Connector
• Distance 150M over OM4 Fiber
• VCSEL array transmitter and PIN array receiver
• Electrically Hot-pluggable
• Single 3.3V Power Supply
• Power Dissipation< 1.5W
• Digital Diagnostics Monitoring Interface
• Operating Case Temperature: 0-70℃

• Server-Server Clusters, Super-computing interconnections
• 40G Applications backplane
• InfiniBand SDR, DDR and QDR applications

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Especificações Técnicas:
Transceiver form factor: QSFP+
Transmission speed: 40GE
Center wavelength (nm): 850
Standards compliance: 40GBASE-SR4
Tipo de conector: MPO/PC
Applicable cable and maximum transmission distance: • Multimode fiber (OM3): 0.1 km • Multimode fiber (OM4): 0.15 km
Transmit power (dBm): -7.6 to +2.4
Maximum receiver sensitivity (dBm): -5.4
Overload power (dBm): 2.4
Extinction ratio (dB): 3.0
Operating temperature: 0°C to 70°C (32°F to 158°F)

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